June 5, 2016

Miha bodytec

Made In Germany


miha bodytec – the evolution in EMS applications – is enjoying great success in fitness studios,

wellness and beauty establishments, as well as in competitive sport, rehabilitation and medicine.

High-performance athletes use the electric muscle stimulation to supplement their usual training

and to increase strength and speed. Physiotherapists use it for their patients together with therapeutic

body and joint exercises and for specific back training. Personal trainers, fitness studios,

wellness and beauty centres concentrate on the fitness and beauty aspects: body shaping through

muscle formation and fat reduction, stimulation of connective tissue and metabolism and stimulating

blood circulation.

One for all: miha bodytec is the all-round training device for specific application areas

and individual goals.




The miha bodytec combines the right ingredients to form a revolutionary system: The most innovative

technology combined with optimal results and optimal comfort. The laptop-sized controller

can be used without problems anywhere – portable while travelling or set up on an attractive stand.

Equally comfortable is the easy-to-wear vest which connects by a grip to the training unit. Plug & play,

and your personal trainer is ready for action.



The integrated chip card allows individual applications and training goals to be compiled and called up any time at the press of a button. The chip card system is just another guarantee of targeted personal training with the miha bodytec. Maximum luxury, minimum expense.



True beauty meets ultimate ease of use – miha bodytec is designed to be virtually self-explanatory and scores a hit with its clear control panel. That makes the all-round trainings device especially attractive for suppliers and users. All functions are controlled from the console. For each user, this means simply getting active following your own programme.



Plug and play is the principle behind the miha bodytec. Designed as a modular system, it allows all muscle groups from head to foot to be stimulated individually. The exercise vest contains electrodes in the areas of the upper and lower back, lats, stomach and chest. The abdominal belt stimulates the gluteal muscles, while arm and leg pads stimulate all arm and leg muscles. Available in different sizes, the exercise vest is always a perfect fit. Quick-release straps make for easy handling. Just tighten and off you go!



The well-fitting miha bodytec under-garment optimises the system. Hi-tech materials in the vest and straps mean total wearing comfort. Electrode surfaces are covered in an absorbent, antibacterial layer of microfibre. All you have to do is moisten the electrodes, put on the vest, use and feel good.